Greg O’Rourke – The Grandmaster of the Fret Dojo

Greg O'Rourke


In this episode:

  • Studying Classical Guitar and the switch to jazz
  • The importance of reading music
  • Letting musical progress unfold
  • The 4 pillars of guitar practice
  • Guitar playing as meditation
  • How Skype opens massive learning and teaching opportunities
  • 2 big gaps in your playing
  • The importance of exploration and improv

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Tom Monda on Embracing Your Own Sound

Tom Monda


In this episode:

  • Jazz education & lessons with Bumblefoot
  • Being a musician vs. being a guitar player
  • Finding your voice as a musician
  • The origins of Thank You Scientist
  • “Ruining our potential for mainstream success in a way we enjoy”
  • Tom’s live rig
  • Advice for all guitar players



Musicians mentioned:

Johnny Smith

George Van Eps


Adrian Belew

Derek Trucks

Gabe Marin

David Fiuczynski

Sean Ashe Talks Flux (Part II)




In this episode:

  • Re-recording Luminescence
  • Creature – the rock-version of The Munsters
  • The gypsy jazz genius of Denis Chang
  • How Hemisphere came out “same but heavier”
  • Writing Meteor Eyes on piano
  • Writing for an audience vs. writing for yourself
  • Artwork by Corey Hendrey
  • Inspiration from a paperweight


Sean Ashe Talks Flux (Part 1)



“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” – Leonardo da Vinci

In this episode:

  • “Guitar Music” vs. Music featuring guitar
  • The drum grooves of Andreas Skorpe Sjøen
  • Acoustic guitar and the happy chords of “Imagine”
  • Andreas’ piano solo
  • Full House meets Panic at the Disco
  • How “Floating Thread” got written in 5 minutes


Musicians mentioned:

David Maxim Micic

Shawn Lane

Julian Lage

Tommy Emmanuel 

Andy Timmons

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Jeremy Krull & Strategic Sonics

Jeremy Krull

In this episode:

  • How “The Mighty Ducks” inspired Jeremy to play guitar
  • Discovering instrumental guitar music
  • Studying at Berklee College of Music
  • Diving into the world of audio engineering
  • Working with Mick Guzauski
  • Advice for up and comers
  • The principles of good audio production
  • Mastering the tools at your disposal

Strategic Sonics