The 3 Ingredients Of Great Guitar Playing



In this episode:

  • The guitar as a tool of expression
  • Being a good guitarist vs. being a good musician
  • The importance of listening, vision, and discipline
  • Having courage and passion
  • The double-edged sword of technique
  • Zack plays La Catedral (Prelude)

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The Creative Abode with Justin Schroder


Justin Schroder

In this episode:

  • Justin’s mistakes as a new guitar teacher
  • Creativity vs. the creative medium
  • Playing “off the chart” and listening

Justin’s Blog

Justin’s TrueFire Course – “The Creative Abode”



Behind the Scenes: Classical Guitar with Joey Rincon


Joey Rincon (1)

In this episode:

  • The piece that made Joey a true classical guitarist
  • What is the goal of guitar playing?
  • Practicing vs. performing
  • How a musical performance is like a football game
  • Natural Classical Guitar Book


Pieces performed:

Se Ela Perguntar

Julia Florida

Nick Llerandi on the Joy and Art of Guitar


Nick Llerandi


In this episode:

  • The academic origins of Ever Forthright
  • Mining jazz for songwriting ideas
  • Practicing on paper
  • How guitar chops are like building muscle


“If you’re useless without a backing track, you’re not a guitar player yet.”

Nick’s Bands:

Ever Forthright

Stimpy Lockjaw





Musings on Segovia, Bach, and Yale University with Solomon Silber

Solomon Silber


In this episode:

  • Going to Yale
  • 10 years away from classical music
  • The importance of Segovia Scales
  • Studying with Allen Krantz & Oscar Ghiglia
  • Staying attuned to your sound
  • Right hand techniques
  • The illusion of legato

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