Metal Meets Jazz

Marc Lambert


Marc Lambert is a guitar player for the progressive metal band Painted in Exile. In this episode Marc discusses:


  • His roots in blues music
  • The value of transcribing
  • Studying jazz in college
  • Why metal players get into jazz
  • Marc’s biggest mistake his first year in music school


Music mentioned:

John Abercrombie

Guthrie Govan

Ever Forthright


Jimmy Herring

Justin Timberlake

Tigran Hamasyan

Marc’s SoundCloud

Marc offers guitar lessons via Skype!
You can reach him at

On Being the Wonder-Kid of Shred with Sims Cashion


Sims Cashion


Sims Cashion is a guitar wonder-kid who is gaining a massive online following for his shred videos.

In this episode:

  • Sims’ early start
  • The move to play 8-string guitars
  • Sims’ favorite guitar picks
  • The new band on the horizon
  • Practice approach

Players and gear:

John Petrucci

Jeff Loomis

Tosin Abasi

Megadeth – Rust in Peace

POD HD 500x

Peavy 6505+


The Virtuoso Guitarist

Matt Palmer


Matt Palmer is a solo classical guitar player renowned for his technique and musicality.  Matt authored The Virtuoso Guitarist, his unique approach to playing fast scales.


In this episode:

Matt’s rock and metal roots

The CD that changed his musical direction

The winding journey to professional classical guitarist

Matt’s tremolo inspired approach to playing scales (Electric/Classical Hybrid system)

The “Power Stroke” technique


Tennessee Guitar Festival and Competition


Shaun Hopper on Zen, Acoustic Guitar Wizardry, and Growing Stronger

Shaun Hopper


In this episode:

  • The importance of self-expression
  • Embracing your unique learning approach
  • Shaun’s 80/20 rule for musicians
  • How to avoid string squeaking
  • The myth of talent
  • Removing ego from music making
  • Bioenergetics with Elliot Hulse

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Dr. Matt Warnock – The Internet King of Jazz Guitar


Matt Warnock

Dr. Matt Warnock has been putting out quality jazz guitar lessons online for years and co-runs and


In this episode:

  • Matt’s “late start” into jazz playing
  • Matt’s simple live gear setup
  • Should you learn jazz guitar?
  • If you’ve never listened to jazz guitar, where should you start?
  • What makes a good guitar teacher?
  • The #1 sticking point of new jazz players
  • The most important and fundamental advice Matt got from his teacher

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